Petroleum Marketing Support

For decades Earth Systems has supported environmental liabilities and environmental compliance for mid-market retailers, petroleum distributors, and bulk petroleum storage terminal owners. We have extensive experience managing large environmental portfolios for petroleum clients, earning superior rankings when rated against national consulting firms for health and safety (see below), site closures, project phase completions, and cost effectiveness.
Earth Systems has been using specialized software such as ENFOS, SHAREPOINT and IS NETWORLD to manage technical, EHS and fiscal data related to these portfolios. We have consistently excelled at the cost to closure (CTC) process.  Benchmark studies performed by third party consultants have proven that we clean up sites faster, more cost effectively and more with fewer changes in scope than any of our peers.
Earth Systems understands the different environmental concerns of subgroups within petroleum marketing such as: retail maintenance and construction, real estate, and bulk storage. Our petroleum marketing environmental support services include:

  • Pre-purchase assessment per ASTM and AAI standards
  • Portfolio program management
  • UST system upgrades and closure assessment
  • Remediation system design and implementation
  • Emergency spill response
  • Operation and maintenance of remediation systems
  • Cost-to-Closure estimating and tracking